Paradox - Hammer & nail


To the hammer, the world is a nail.         

We just had a surprise party for my father-in-law's 70th birthday. He has been an educator at Temple Medical for 40 years and is a well a recognized authority in the specialties of hematology and oncology. 

We had the privilege of Dr. Rubin's tutelage during a portion of our teacher training.  

"To the hammer the world is a nail", Dr. Rubin said.  "If you have a problem and you go to a specialist without a decisive diagnosis, that specialist is more likely to see what they specialize in as the problem." That make sense to me... The specialist has trained extensively in a focused genre and has learned to see the world through that lens. How could it be anything else? Our experience shapes our world view and how we interpret a situation.  

In his decades teaching, Dr. Rubin says he expresses caution to his students about this with the hopes that they will look at many angles on how to treat something without defaulting immediately to their specialty.


We ourselves can learn a lot from this. How often do we react the same way to when confronted with a challenge? Our life experience has subconsciously trained our minds to become the hammer. Recognizing and understanding this reality opens us up to making better educated choices for our best results.   

A consistent yoga practice can train the mind to create space before reacting. You begin to see new choices and decisions for yourself, so when that next life challenge comes along, you can approach it from a new world view with more possibilities. 




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