IG Yoga Challenges: Why I love them and you will too!

Yes, I love Instagram Yoga Challenges. 

What is an Instagram Challenge? Basically, you find a #yogachallenge on the Instagram social media platform that lists particular postures for you to photograph yourself in and post on a particular day. You follow the hosts of the challenge who demonstrate variations of the poses each day and a sponsor who gives a prize at the end to a randomly selected winner who played along. 

behind the scenes

We have hosted a few challenges through the studio IG page (@Steamtownyoga) and I enjoy participating as myself (@laraalexiou) regularly in IG challenges. They have brought so much fun to my personal practice, I wanted to share the joy and connection directly with you at the Studio.

Here's why:

  • You'll try postures that are outside your comfort zone. (I have tried out so many different poses through challenges and some of them I don't think I'll ever try again!)
  • You'll discover surprising places where your practice is strong and where it is lacking. Sometimes I have to photograph everything on the same side, because I can’t balance as well on the other side and you need to hold the pose long enough to get the photo. Boy am I sore the next day from that!
  • You also connect with other yogis from all over the world, at every level of practice. During a regular class, you don’t get to look around much to see what your fellow yogis can do. It's fun and inspiring to see your yogi neighbor being awesome in a relaxed environment like our Challenge Posture Workshop and #SpringIntoYoga Instagram Challenge. 

Here is probably my favorite reason: IG challenges are creative. I have the Studio and our classes and I strive to always keep the classes consistent and accessible while still fun and challenging to our students of all levels. But in the IG challenges, I can let loose a little more. I can try variations of things I can’t do in class. I can get creative with the actual taking of the picture which is fun. The whole things becomes living art to me. I love that and I believe you will too.

Try out new things and test your boundaries a little bit. Connect with your fellow yogis and see their interpretations of each posture on the IG posts. 

Join in the Challenge, take the Challenge workshop and experience all of this for yourself! We will break down the new postures during the workshop, help you maximize your old favorites and even take some pictures for you. 

We still have space available. Please join us for this unique opportunity to experience your body and practice as yoga art! 

IG Challenge Workshop:

Saturday March 18. 12:30 - 2 pm. $20

The #SpringIntoYoga Challenge begins March 21 and your can learn all about it HERE

Instagram Yoga challenge hosts

I'd also like to thank my fellow hosts in the challenge, Marlena (pictured middle) and Lynn (pictured left), who can be found on Instagram as @mar_rumensky and @air_dancer, our sponsor New Laundry @shopnl and to Yanni, our photographer.