Lessons from the Universe: My evening with Deepak Chopra

I was so thrilled last Friday night to spend the evening with Deepak Chopra as he discussed his new book You Are The Universe. Dr. Chopra has many impressive credentials, but I see him as a the man who bridges the gap between Eastern Healing Arts and philosophy and Western medicine and philosophy. He embodies yoga and science and helps interpret and explain the mind, body and spirit connection. I've been following his lectures, reading his books and listening to his meditations and audio lessons for years. But nothing compares to actual in person face time with a Master Teacher.

You Are The Universe

To very basically sum up his new book and lecture, he suggests that the entire Universe and our reality exists because of us. Our ideas and experiences quite literally shape and create the entire Universe. 

He said yoga helps us experience our connection to the Universe and our participation in its creation. And now science is closer to explaining and proving mathematically what yoga instinctually offers us as the truth.

With big ideas like this from great minds like Dr. Chopra, my personal goal is to simplify the concept into something I can digest and apply to my own daily life and teach to my students to help improve their lives.

I’ll ask you what I’ve been asking myself since Friday night:

What reality would you create if anything were possible and you weren't confined by what you already believe to be true?

So many ideas in science once hailed as the truth have been disproved and replaced with new truths. How can you and I apply this to our lives? What truths, once replaced, would change how we see ourselves and create our lives? Dr. Chopra talked about the Universe really being made of possibilities. And those possibilities live with in you and me.

Yoga Journal Live with Deepak

So I ask you again, what would you create? Don't get hung up on how small or grand, how possible or impossible it may seem. Don’t even worry if it’s labor intensive or costs a lot of money. Start with the idea.

Use your imagination and create a clear a vision of what you want. That is where the creation begins. Have fun with this. You are full of possibilities. It's time to bring them into the light and into the world!

I was filled with joy at the end of the evening. I've been practicing yoga for over 17 years teaching yoga for almost 15 years now. Participating in a night with Dr. Chopra really showed me how so many ideas that yoga addresses which were once considered "out there" have become mainstream. That feels so good to me. I've had such great conversations about this evening already with my students. They are eager to hear about my experience and want to share their own lessons learned from books, meditations and all the other resources available to us today, making it so easy to tap into these great minds. I see it as a such a positive movement for the human collective consciousness and I'm honored to play my own part in it, both as a teacher and owner here at SHY and as a student attending an event with someone like Deepak Chopra.