Yoga and Your Thyroid

We joined forces with First for Women to bring you an article on yoga for the thyroid gland.

Proper thyroid stimulation can help regulate your metabolism and your mood. Both men and women have a thyroid, but women are more susceptible to various thyroid disorders and disease, symptoms of which can include, fatigue, sluggishness, weight gain or weight loss, and change in appetite to name a few. Yoga is a holistic way to help regulate this gland and relieve symptoms.

You can check out the full article HERE in First for Women or watch the video below for easy guidance into 5 thyroid stimulating and regulating poses.

Personal Story from Lara:

My best friend Jenny had a cancerous thyroid removed in her early twenties. A few years later, she began her hot yoga practice and was actually able to cut down the amount of thyroid hormones she was required to take (even if the thyroid is removed, the body still requires the hormones, so people without a thyroid take medication to provide this need).

Lara and Jenny having fun at girls weekend in Chicago!

Lara and Jenny having fun at girls weekend in Chicago!

I’ve seen many students, including some of our teachers, successfully regulate both over and under-active thyroids through their yoga practice even to the point of letting go of medication. Please check with your health care professional before you make any changes to your medication, and do so only under a health care professional’s supervision. 

If you are beginning your Hot Yoga practice and know you have a thyroid disorder, be sure to drink plenty of water before coming in to class. Jenny is always thirsty and required lots of water throughout her day anyway, and especially on Hot Yoga days. I see this often from students on thyroid medication who come into yoga and always encourage extra levels of hydration to have a strong class.

Give extra love to all of the “chin to chest” postures in the sequence. These particular poses are unique to the Hot Yoga sequence. While they may not be the most comfortable postures while you are in them, they are the key players in regulating this gland and helping you feel your best outside the room.

And a life well lived off the mat is worth a few challenging moments inside your yoga practice. 

See you in the studio, or please reach out below with questions.



P.S. Prefer a video to see what to do? Check it out below.