A Home Sequence for the Holidays

The holidays have different meanings and different traditions for every family. In my house growing up, Christmas Eve was always a day of baking holiday pies and preparing for a tree decorating party my folks hosted each year. Christmas Day was reserved for immediate family and we didn’t leave the house. In Yanni’s house, Christmas Day always involved lots of greek food and family love.

Together, we are still figuring out our holiday traditions. All of our family, including our parents and siblings, live at least 2 hours from us - and in opposite directions from each other! It fills the holiday week with lots of driving and sometimes the magic of the season gets lost in the bustle of packing gifts and clothes and running from house to house.

We close the studio each year at this time to alleviate our own stress, create the time to reconnect with family, and allow our staff and all of you opportunity to to do the same.

Yanni’s mother has been dreaming of a Christmas where no one has to drive on Christmas Day, or clean up after the party! This year, her Christmas wish is coming true! She has blessed the family with a destination Christmas.

Yanni and I are taking a week of relaxing with family as an opportunity to film a few behind the scenes sneak peeks of our upcoming Life Design programs launching in 2019! Be sure to follow us on social media to find out what we are up to…

And to help you stay grounded as the holidays really take off, I’ve teamed up again with First For Women Magazine to offer you a home sequence to banish holiday stress, promote good digestion, and simply feel your best. The postures are pictured below, and you can find the full article with step-by-step instructions here.

Lastly, if you need a holiday stocking stuffer, check out our last minute Santa’s Little Helper Gift Card Sale. A $25 gift card gets you $30 in value. Limit 4 per person, on sale now through Dec 26th.

(Remember, gift card cannot be redeemed for our Odyssey to Delphi Retreat or the Teacher Training.)