What to Wear in a Hot Yoga Class

Finally taking the leap to try out your first Hot Yoga class and feeling anxious about what to wear? Or maybe you attend more classes than you have outfits to throw on? Or like me, are you just tired of wearing the same old yoga clothes but don’t want to waste time or money shopping for clothes that don’t fit and materials that are inappropriate for the hot yoga room? Whatever your reasons are for needing a new pair of leggins and a good sports bra, we’ve got you covered! 

The following are a few of my favorite pics from the Zyia Active Yoga Line we carry in studio and online:

Many of our students who come from a running background like to wear short during practice. I also prefer shorts for the Hot Yoga 60 style class, even though I only run when being chased by a stampede of animals.

Scrunchy What Hi-Rise Hustle Shorts

Scrunchy What Hi-Rise Hustle Shorts

My top pick is the Zyia Scrunchy What Hi-Rise Hustle Shorts. Flattering in the tummy and they don’t ride up.

The majority our students prefer to wear yoga leggings. I also like leggings for the Barkan Vinyasa before they feel more modest and bring me more confidence when I feel fully covered up in my one legged-downward-facing dog pose. If you don’t even know what post that is, you will after experiencing Barkan Method Vinyasa for yourself! 

At $59, how can you resist these Navy Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8.

At $59, how can you resist these Navy Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8.

At $59, you will love the comfort and performance of these.

Flattering and comfortable at the tummy, they don’t ride up at the crotch, the waist doesn’t fall down when you fold forward, plus they are lightweight and wicking.

The sweatier I become as class moves on, these don’t get heavy or weigh me down. 

If you are more petite, I recommend the capri length. They hit below my calf and I’m 5’5” for reference. 

Tops are always a nightmare for me. I’m large in the bust and petite around the rib cage so finding a solid fit has always been tricking. I also prefer a higher cut top again for modesty because that is how I feel most comfortable practicing and teaching. 

I’m wearing a medium All Star Bra and Small Capris.

I’m wearing a medium All Star Bra and Small Capris.

I’m obsessed with the All Star Bra.

It fits true to size, is flattering yet modest and gives great support for larger cup sizes. Plus the included cups on the inside actually stay in place and don’t bunch up — even after repeated washing! 

Since I only have a limited number of bra tops and practice more than I can launder, I’ve learned to embrace tank tops that are either quite fitted so they stay in place, or that I can tie up to hold in place. 

I’m wearing a small Copper Charged Tank in white.

I’m wearing a small Copper Charged Tank in white.

This one is my personal favorite, the Copper Charged Tank. It’s both fitted and long with a prippy waistband so when I stretch, it stays put, yet moves with my body. The lightweight material is stink-proof with moisture wicking and 4-way stretch. I’ve never had an exercise tank that was equally fashionable and functional. I can’t wait to order another one!

The warrior pose Activity Tank is a fun best seller at the studio because students like the option to wear it outside the yoga room casually with jeans too. Everyone like clothes that multipurpose on and off the mat!

Check out the full collection of tanks here. From mesh, to backless, your style is waiting for you!

You can order online with convenient delivery right to your house, or see me at the studio and I’ll order for you and help you with sizing. I’ve found everything is true to size as stated on the site including the products that recommend to size up or down from your go-to size.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing you in your new Zyia yoga wear!