Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King have Guts

Guts. Guts is the one word that Former First Lady Michelle Obama and athletic icon and equality activist Billie Jean King each spoke within moments of addressing the crowd at the BOLD Mindbody Conference I attended in San Diego last week.

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How Can Yoga Help Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs?

How can yoga help the small business owner? Steamtown Hot Yoga’s Lara Alexiou explores the answer on Business Insanity Talk Radio with Barry Moltz.

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Inside Look: What Hot Yoga at Steamtown Looks Like

Is it too hot? Is it to hard? Can I really do it? I'm not flexible! We've heard all of these concerns and more from our first time students, most of whom have no prior yoga experience at all!

We partnered with Discover NEPA to create this video so you can see first hand a little more about who we are and what we offer. 

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