How Yoga Can Help You Manage Stress.

Can yoga really be the answer to managing chronic stress? Let’s be honest here. Many yoga images that bombard you daily look really hard, if not impossible, for the average person to achieve. How does all of that balancing, bending and twisting actually help you manage stress, and can even the most inflexible person on the mat reap the rewards?    

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According to a July 2018 study*, people who practice yoga report experiencing closer relationships with family and friends, feeling more comfortable expressing their feelings, and more fulfillment in their work/life balance. A life hijacked by chronic stress enjoys so few of these simple, daily pleasures.

Here is the secret: a large part of yoga’s magical distressing elixir is the challenge the class demands. Here’s why: stress lives first in the mind before the physical effects seep their way into the body, symptoms like insomnia, weight gain, or debilitating high anxiety.

A stressful mind is always on, relentlessly thinking, tasking, worrying or planning. The owner of that stressful mind is not present in the body. Until you are on the yoga mat, that is! Yoga pulls you out of your brain and into your body. You can’t think your way onto one leg or into greater flexibly. You must experience it yourself through the physical form. This “in-body” experience arrests the busy mind and halts the flow of stress hormones flooding your bloodstream. 

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Just imagine an coffee break in the middle of day that is an actual break, a moment where you enjoy the easy sip of your favorite cup, smell the aroma and are fully steeped in the moment. Imagine relaxing into bed at night, closing your eyes and finding sleep comes easily and stays with you all night long. 

When you practice yoga, not everything is physical exertion. You will also practice the subtle art of deep, restful breathing and lying still, allowing yourself to find comfort in quiet. 

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Yoga may not be as easy as some make it look, but it isn’t impossible either. The majority of our new students have never practiced practiced yoga before and you will fit right in. 

Ready to de-stress today? Easy: enjoy a class Steamtown Yoga via the link below, and see for yourself! 

Are you a new student? Learn to manage stress through yoga and the eastern healing arts.

*Wellness Index survey, 3,625 adults between 18-65, July 2018

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