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Spices by Rebekah Launch Party!

Spices by Rebekah.png

Party is ON! Please come at 3 pm if possible, even if you are not taking yoga class! We will have a shorter class (30 min.) so we can get right into the tasting before the snow arrives!

Awaken Your Body, Awaken Your Taste Buds, and Step Fearlessly Into Your Life!

Spices by Rebekah and SHY are collaborating to bring you an amazing event to awaken your body, awaken your taste buds, and step fearlessly into your life!

Join us for a beginner friendly hot yoga sampler class 3 - 4 pm, followed by a tasting menu featuring Spices by Rebekah’s all new high-vibrational spice kit.

Limited space available for the class on a first reserved basis. Once class fills up, we invite you to the tasting component to experience high vibrational foods to enrich your kitchen and your life!

Goody bags, giveaways, and discounts for all who attend, while supplies last.

Pre-registration required: Rebekah is planning an AWESOME menu and needs to know how many we are expecting!

$20 reserves your spot!

A personal note from Spices by Rebekah:

Hi. I’m Rebekah. A single mom, a veteran and a culinary grad who has been serving up dishes in all shapes and sizes for well over 20 years. 

My intention in creating this spice kit is that you will find new inspiration in seeing your kitchen as a playground of adventure where nourishing, delicious meals can be prepared and served for you and your family, even with the most hectic of schedules. 

What we eat and how we choose to care for our bodies go hand in hand. I am passionate about serving high vibrational foods that lift and assist. This is why I have chosen to partner with Steamtown Hot Yoga. 

High Vibrational Activity + High Vibrational Spiced-Out Foods = Pure, Amazing, Energy! 

Hope you can join our Launch !