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2 New Summer Programs: Live in our Membership Portal

Return to YOU is a 30 Day guided self-discovery process that leads you through the unknown boundaries of the psyche to reemerge with confidence, clarity, and a vision.

  • Kiss self doubt goodbye

  • Empower yourself to make choices connected to your intuition.

  • Dive deeper into the 7 Power Centers touched upon at the Solstice Workshop

  • Learn to activate them inside your daily life, relationships, and choices.

Return to YOU 30 day self-discovery program is perfect for:

  • Any self-prescribed people-pleasers

  • Those of you who are curious to learn more about yourself

  • Anyone ready to transition fearlessly into a new life phase with authenticity, purpose, and passion.

Register before June 27 and get 30% off Return to YOU! Click here to access your VIP discount!  *

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The Self-Expression Mastermind is a 10 week, 5 Step Formula to craft and act upon a new vision for yourself.

  • Learn simple action steps to align your daily roles with your priorities

  • Get the tools you'll need to conquer self-sabotage to make the lifestyle you imagine the reality of your day.

  • Only a couple spots remain, so grab it now if you want it!

The Mastermind will fast track results to hit a tangible goal regarding one of your 7 Centers. (We work together to set this goal and bring it to life.)

If you’ve ever struggled with hitting goals you’ve set for yourself or even creating a bigger vision that gets you excited, this Mastermind is for you!