Hot Yoga for Happier Holidays

Yoga is good for more than flexibility - a group class can carve out the personal space we all need as darker days approach and the Holiday Season settles upon us.


Is the holiday season synonymous with anxiety and depression for you? Even though it happens every year at this time, do you find yourself bracing for the upcoming holiday season so you can just "get through it"?

Surely, there is a better way to attend to our emotional well being at this time of year? Enter Hot Yoga!

When the weather cools down and the holidays heat up, the body starts to contract. Muscles tighten up, we shrug our shoulders against the cold. A hot yoga practice helps balance out these protective movements. We need to stay limber and keep the body supple, especially in the colder season. 

destress with yoga

In the winter, your mind is no different.

Attending a Hot Yoga class not only opens the body, but connecting with people at the studio and staying social is a great mood booster. And you get the best of both worlds. You get the positive energy of being connected to others during class, while still having that safe haven of your own mat and personal mindspace to de-stress, stop over-thinking and quiet your racing thoughts. Many of our students tell us that class time is the one hour a day when no-one else needs them and they can completely recharge and address their own emotional and physical needs. They feel lighter, happier, and stress free after class.   


Experience how Hot Yoga dissolves stress, anxiety & overwhelm. Greet the season feeling fully engaged, and alive!  


Self-Care ~ Self-Love~ Gratitude

Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga this Holiday Season:

  • Counteract the cold and decrease chronic pain by keeping your muscles and spine supple and flexible

  • When your body is open and pain free, your mind is relaxed and more receptive to joy and possibility.

  • As a member here at SHY, you have a safe haven to connect with yourself and leave your stress outside the door.

  • We love being the best part of your day, where you can safely recharge so you can show up in the rest of your life as your best self.

  • The holidays can be hectic. Without taking time for inner quiet and reflection, you can quickly burnout from all the activities this time of year.

  • Because we find the old saying is true: when you feel good, you look good! Our students exit class with a glow and radiance that comes from within and lights up these darker days!

  • Gratitude and Self-Love: a Hot Yoga practice makes self-care an easy part of your daily routine.

  • Our classes are for all levels, making today a great day to get started or return to your mat!