Hot Yoga!

The Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga in the Spring & Summer!

Did you know that the Summer Season actually has physical and emotional effects on the body? According to the Ancient Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the summer season is connected to the large muscles and circulatory system. This makes summer and the summer heat a great season for body conditioning. Your large muscles are ready for a workout and ready to be challenged while your circulatory system can easily get the fresh and oxygenated blood to your body and your brain.  If you are looking for weight loss, the summer season is the easiest time to work out and get your weight loss results. These are just a few reasons to get into Hot Yoga this Summer! It's time to start moving and get sweating. 

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Surprising Balance ~ The Efficiency of Acclimation

It might seem strange, heading into a hot yoga studio when the temperature outside is starting to heat up, or even in the full swing of summer. In the same way a piping-hot cup of coffee might feel awkward in the depths of August's humidity, hot yoga doesn't always seem the perfect summer activity, and is. The body begins to acclimate to conditions it is steadily and regularly exposed to. So when you develop a regular hot yoga practice your body gets really efficient and handling heat.

Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga in the Spring & Summer

  • The body, once acclimated can cool itself faster in the heat & humidity
  • You'll be in better shape for summer recreation & activities!
  • Maintain the strength, balance & mobility gains you made in the winter
  • You'll establish & maintain exceptional hydration habits (year-round) & continue to deeply detox!
  • You may even have more time to practice in the spring & summer (+ no shuffling through snow to get to class!)

It goes deeper than the sparkle of a good sweat.

Emotionally, the Summer Season is associated with excess stress when out of balance, but also joy and manifestations when in balance. When in balance, we are solution oriented, joyful and feel energized and ready for personal growth. A regular yoga practice can help you put things in perspective and learn to draw clear boundaries for yourself - make the time to stretch, refresh and recharge. You and everyone around you will benefit. Summer is in the air - learn to be in harmony with the season at Steamtown Yoga!

Hot Yoga in the Summer Season

  • Awakens and stretches the body after a cold contractive winter
  • Bring your emotional state into balance: greet your day joyfully and full of energy
  • Summer is the season for body conditioning, especially of the large muscle groups. Ignite your Hot Yoga practice to nourish your body and mind

Ignite your Hot Yoga practice to nourish your body and mind