Mood Matters

Yoga helps bring your body into better balance, but it also helps you find a steadier, happier footing in your emotional life.


I got a wonderful comment from a student the other day: she asked me how am I always in a good mood and smiling to everyone as they come into the studio?! Well, first as a disclaimer, I'm not always happy and smiley - I have my ups and downs just like everyone else. However, I am always smiling at Steamtown Yoga. Why? Because I get to be the best part of everyone's day! When people come into class here, they are leaving behind their stress and worry. They are excited to be here and look forward to yoga. It is their time to recharge and leave here glowing and feeling great.

Finding a better solution

Often times we find relief from daily stress in unhealthy places. We binge watch Netflix, dive into a bag of chips, or crack open a beer. Over time these release-valves can become counter-productive and actually produce more stress. Finding healthier methods of self-care is so worth the effort. Imagine finding a healthy routine that helps you decompress and de-stress after work that doesn't also make you feel bloated, buzzed or more anxious? Yoga is a fantastic place to start. No only will you reduce stress, and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you'll develop a lasting habit that will keep your body fit & help you find more emotional balance through mindfulness, body-awareness and intentional breathing. While yoga isn't a cure-all for every mental health issue, it is certainly a powerful tool that when practiced regularly will help you discover more ease in your day to day life, along with potentially measurable relief from your symptoms.


We are dedicated to providing you with a safe and welcoming place for transformation: physical, emotional and spiritual. We are here to give clear direction, and inspiration to our students.  We want you to feel at home and supported so you can truly feel vibrant, and fully alive. The beauty of exploring a consistent yoga practice is that the benefits are cumulative. You'll notice improvement in your mood after the first class, with more sustained and lasting relief over time. Are you new to yoga, or sweating in general? We get it, we weren't all born athletes! That's why we offer a level of instruction that is geared for folks of all fitness levels, including injuries. Have a question about getting started? Just ask!

Quite simply, the more you practice yoga, the better you'll feel.


Be Present, Stay Awake!

Give yourself the gift of being unabashedly away & alive in your own skin. For the care-takers out there, (and you know who you are) you can't truly take compassionate authentic care of someone else if you are drawing from an empty well. Nourish yourself. Your body will thanks you, your loved ones will thank you.

A lot of students tell me that getting to class is the best part of their day. And that is always something for me to smile about!