Step Into Your Best Self

Yoga helps transform your body, your life and your outlook. 


Have you ever met someone who has an abundance of energy and confidence? Someone who lives stress & pain free, walks tall and just seems to be really loving life?

We help you become that person. Learn to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Discover a happier, healthier life at Steamtown Hot Yoga through our hot yoga classes, workshops, retreats and advanced studies in Yoga and the Eastern Healing Arts. 



Meet the Directors!

Lara Alexiou 

Lara trained and certified with Bikram, Jimmy Barkan, and Zen Wellness in Yoga and Qigong. She personally trains and certifies each teacher at Steamtown Yoga through a 200 hour program that exceeds the standards set by Yoga Alliance.  Note: SHY Instructor Certifications are recognized by Yoga Alliance, National Qi Gong Association, and United Martial Arts Associations.   

In 2007, Lara opened the doors to Steamtown Yoga bringing the healing transformation of Hot Yoga to NEPA. Steamtown Yoga is the first Hot Studio to open in NEPA and one of the first Yoga studios to open in the greater Scranton area.

 Lara with Grandmaster Sung Baek receiving her 10,000 Doh Yi Training Certificate in Dec. 2017. 

Lara with Grandmaster Sung Baek receiving her 10,000 Doh Yi Training Certificate in Dec. 2017. 

  • 2018 Lara’s book Become the Architect of Your Body, Mind, and Soul was a featured item in the Yogi Surprise Spring Equinox Box
  • 2017 Lara completed the 1000 Hour course requirements recognized by the National Qigong Association to become a Zen Wellness Medical Qi Gong Director. 
  • 2017 Lara was awarded the "Doh Yi Masters Certificate"  recognizing the completion of 10,000 hours in Qi Gong Training.  
  • 2017 featured workshop presenter for the National Qigong Association Annual Conference with her workshop: The Tao of Meditation with 5 Element Qigong Music
  • 2017 Presenter at the NEPA Yoga Fest.
  • 2017 Lara's debut book was published with Amazon: Become the Architect of Your Body, Mind, and Soul 
  • 2014 Presented her TEDx Talk: Architecture of the Body, Mind, and Soul
  • 2014 Speaker at the Mindbody BOLD conference in Santa Monica, CA
  • 2012-Present Lara is a Certified Business Mentor with Zen Business Mastery and teaches Yoga Studio Business Strategy for the Spiritual Entrepreneur. 
  • 2013-2014 Speaker at Scranton Chamber of Commerce events 
  • Lara has been a webinar presenter for Yoga Alliance on multiple occasions.
  • Lara studied Ayurveda through the Himalayan Institute.  


John Alexiou, “Yanni" is originally from Wilkes-Barre. He has traveled the world exploring its many diverse cultures and environments for nearly 4 decades. Finally returning Home to the area and settling down in Scranton when he met the love of his life Lara, joining her in their mutual cause to provide a platform for health and happiness to all they encounter through the practice of yoga and the eastern healing arts. He reflects on this philosophy from one of many notable mentors. 

  • 200 Yoga Teacher Training
  • 200 Qi Gong Certification
  • Barkan Method Vinyasa Certification
  • ACE Certification
  • AMGA Certified Rock climbing instructor
  • 6 Years Shaolin Kung Fu 
“Teach what is in you, not as it applies to you, to yourself, but as it applies to the other.” – Krishnamacharya 

Yanni out for a stroll. “What you believe, you become.” I’m a true believer that we can do anything we put our minds too. From the spark that lit the flame. With time and effort, there is little outside our grasp.

We crafted a green & environmentally conscious space to give you a powerful, peaceful experience

Your health & happiness are at the center of our green, Feng Shui studio.  We built this space to be open and friendly using green conscious best practices. We utilize energy efficient smart technologies and recycled/reclaimed materials throughout the entire space. Our Great Hall and shower room floors are made from 72 recycled tires. The office, meditation area, and Hot Yoga Hall Tatami Tile floors are 100% recycled. Our preserved original brick & terra-cotta walls accent the cathedral space and much of the woodwork throughout has been made with reclaimed exotic woods.

The practice hall's FIR radiant heating system is silent, complimenting our tranquil environment. It also uses only one tenth the energy of a forced air system. A special heat recovery ventilator coupled with a UV air sterilization and filtration systems change the air in the studio recovering 87% of the room's heat during the exchange further contributing to the studios efficiency. The studio offers filtered water in addition to recycling bins throughout the space. Bring a reusable water bottle!


TED Talk -Yoga, from Our Perspective

 In 2014 Lara was a featured speaker at Scranton’s first official TED Talk forum, TEDx Scranton. Her talk, Architecture of the Body, Mind and Spirit, focused on her personal journey of healing through Yoga, and how Yoga can help others.

Watch the Tedx Talk here.

Our Logo

The Chinese character represents TAO. Tao in Chinese philosophy is the absolute principle underlying the universe, also translated as the “ Way” or “Path”. To live according to Tao is to live in harmony with the laws of nature and the universe. Here at SHY we want you to find your path to inner and outer harmony. We chose the Tao for our logo because it represent our dedication to helping you find your highest connection to your physical, mental and emotional "way".

Want to see what our space looks like? Take a virtual tour!