Class and Program Descriptions:

Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa

In the Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa, postures are linked together and move smoothly from one pose into the next. You will develop core strength, upper body strength, flexibility in the shoulders, legs and spine plus improved concentration in this class. Challenging, lively, and fun. All levels.

Hot Yoga 60

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, the Hot Yoga 60 class provides a body, mind and spirit yoga workout alternative you have been searching for! 
Fun and challenging, this sequence is designed to balance your body and will help you detox the body, build strength, improve flexibility, and lose weight/tone up. Regular practice creates symmetry in your body and can help you reduce chronic pain and rehab injuries, all while providing 60 minutes of peace of mind. Great for all levels. This 60 minute class involves postures from the classic Bishnu Gosh Lineage. New to yoga? Try this class first to acquaint yourself with our hot yoga practice.    


Silent Hot 60

This is our early bird class to start your day! This silent class follows the same sequence as our Hot Yoga 60 minute class. The instructor practices with the class and gives minimal instruction. Please be on time! No late admission. 

Silent Candlelight Class Hot 60

This Silent Hot 60 class is practiced in a candle-lit yoga room. A soothing way to finish your weekend and clear your head for the week about to begin. Please be on time! No late admission.


SHY Yin & Meditation

Yin Yoga is based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature.  Deeply restorative, Yin Yoga postures are held 3-5 minutes, using props as needed, so please bring an extra towel and a block to class. 
Yin is a meditative practice to leave you feeling calm, refreshed and energized through deep stretching along the Meridian lines.

Special Programs:


26 + 2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training

26 + 2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Jimmy Barkan & Lara Alexiou and Dr. Rubin MD, March & April 2019. Through the Level One, 26 & 2, 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized training, the goal is to help you explore your natural skills and talents as a teacher, not to make you a cookie-cutter type of  instructor. This training is a top-rated course conducted by leading industry experts.


7 Chakra Meditation

A daily meditation delivered to your inbox for 7 days designed to help you reconnect and recharge your seven energy centers. Begin or expand an at-home meditation practice, complement or expand an at-home or in-studio yoga practice, learn more about the 7 Chakras, and manage daily stress. All in while in the comfort of your own home!


Qi Gong

Chi Gong is a compilation of preventive, healing and strengthening exercises derived from more than 6,000 years of experiences studying the body. As early as the Shang Dynasty China (1766-1123 B.C.), there were drawings vividly representing the movement we call Chi Gong today. Two of the most significant reasons for the practice of Chi Gong are to achieve longevity and higher quality of life. Rejuvenation of bio-energy or Chi is the focus of our Chi Gong programs and workshops.

e84 Intermediate & Advanced Classes

No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class, but comfort with the Hot 60 and Barkan Vinyasa, plus a desire to expand, is essential. Esak Garcia structured this class to prepare students for the more complex 84 posture advanced class, from which Bikram's Beginner Yoga Class was derived.


Yoga Pro Wheel

A unique and fun program combined with the Yoga Pro Wheel designed to strengthen your core, maximize your backbends, open your hips and shoulders and stretch out the hamstrings. (Small Group) 

New to yoga?

Get the the New Student Intro offer and start with a "Hot Yoga 60" class.