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Why Go on a Yoga Retreat?


See life through new eyes!

Sometimes the only thing that can give us a fresh start is getting a new perspective - by being in a totally different place! Attend a Steamtown Yoga Retreat and experience the transformative practice of yoga in a unique and beautiful environment. Our past favorite retreat locations include the Island of Rhodes, Greece, where we had daily practice on a private beach and Pura Vida, Costa Rica, where each class was a breathtaking view of the mountains and rain forests.


Experience different cultures through our international yoga retreats

Travel expands your whole existence. On retreat we enjoy the local foods and learn to savor new tastes. We appreciate the beauty of the sunrise and sunset in harmony with our bodies, rising with yoga or winding down with meditation. We take in the local sights together. We reflect on ourselves and make peace in our hearts.

After Retreat, we are never quite the same: we soak up the rhythm of adventure and restoration. It echoes in our spirits, enriching our lives for years to come.


Travel, Relax, and Recharge