Hot Yoga Teacher Training Surprise Benefits

Enrolling into a 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training has some obvious benefits: working with a world renowned Master Hot Yogi like Jimmy Barkan, for example, or even moving step by step through the postures and gaining a well rounded intricate knowledge of the nuances and benefits each pose unlocks. But a training program like this has a huge return on your investment in knowledge and personal growth that deserves to be highlighted. 

Today’s unexpected yoga teacher training bonus benefit is communication. This is really a multilayered bonus. A fun fact: did you know that both my background and Jimmy’s are in the performing arts? Jimmy originally went to LA for singing and music and wound up studying yoga with Bikram and immersed himself in the yoga philosophy and lessons of Paramahansa Yogananda. I started yoga while studying theater in college, where it was used as a tool for vocal projection and voice and movement training.

Why does this matter? Jimmy places a strong focus in this training on overcoming stage fright, and teaching even the most terrified public speaker the tools to stand up in front of a crowd, feel in control, confident, and empowered to transform lives for the better! Who couldn’t use an immersion in this alone? 

Imagine more confidence at work, while training with your team, participating in conference calls and SKYPE meetings. How often have you avoided a possible promotion or new opportunity simply because it required these skills and you just didn’t have them? After this Teacher Training immersion, you will. Being a confident public speaker can transform your life and open new doors as much as hot yoga class transforms your body and spirit! 

The next layer of improved communication is empathy. The ability to understand the feelings of the students in your class are what help you make the connection that is so life changing on the mat. You likely were able to stick to your practice when you began not only because you physically felt better but because emotionally you felt safe and understood. Remember those challenging classes when your weren’t sure you were going to make it and somehow your yoga instructor miraculously was able to say that one thing that spoke directly to you and was exactly what you needed to hear to pull out your determination?

Diving into a teacher training helps you hone that skill. You delve deeply into your own thoughts feelings and actions through the posture clinics and philosophy lessons. As you learn to know yourself better, you are able to empathize and connect more to those around you. 

I’ll never forget Judy, back in 2015, who credited our teacher training with saving her marriage. She discovered an innate inner happiness, found self love, realized her own resistance to her life and was able to reconnect with her husband. Together they created a new life for themselves - they both retired and moved to the Rocky Mountains like they always dreamed! 

I personally struggled with high anxiety at the time I attended my first yoga teacher training. Everything about it freaked me out: the time commitment, the financial commitment, the uncertainty of even being able to complete it - I was recently diagnosed with MS at the time and was on heavy medications that were making me sick. Any here I am today! I did it. I made it.

It challenged me and is one of the major accomplishments in my life I am most proud of, and that no one can ever take away from me. I want you to feel the same way about your experience in our program. I promise to do my best to help you succeed and to bring out the very best in you. I see that as my responsibility as your teacher and I take it very seriously. 

We do require an application to enter the program. It will ask you a few simple questions to clarify your own road of yoga practice and where you see it leading. Jimmy personally reviews each application.




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